What to Expect at The Lindis – New Zealand

by GO GlobeHopper

As New Zealand’s stunning luxury destination, the resort blends so perfectly with the surroundings that you’d be forgiven for missing it. Here’s what to expect at  The Lindis.

New Zealand’s most unique luxury lodge epitomizes discretion all the way from blending seamlessly into its dramatic and secluded rural location to the luxe surroundings and discerning service expected from a high-caliber luxury destination.

Try spotting The Lindis from the air and you’re liable to miss it thanks to outstanding architecture designed to blend with the stunning landscape surrounding the building’s resting place in the Ahuriri Valley. The valley lies in a stretch of South Island high country between Mount Cook and Wanaka and the lodge name associates with The Lindis Pass, a picturesque alpine roadway linking the Mackenzie Basin with Central Otago.

The skillfully designed lodge took two years to build and features a roofline that follows the natural undulations of the land creating a sense of belonging within the valley. Surrounded on three sides by the Ahuriri Valley conservation park, The Lindis is nestled amongst rugged mountain country, wetlands, tussock lands, and beech forest and is located on Ben Avon, a 6000-acre (2428 hectare) sheep and cattle station.

The lodge is a superb retreat for relaxation in an unadulterated New Zealand high country environment, where gliding, fly fishing, hiking, and horse riding are all part of the experience. The picture-perfect landscape offers year-round appeal with dramatic seasonal shifts between summer heat and winter snow, curious native wildlife, and a healthy pristine environment.

By night, the unique location also surpasses expectations. The sky is so clear and vast that millions of stars seem to appear right before your eyes. The clear skies found in this part of the world have earned the area world acclaim and lack of light pollution makes stargazing here something that indeed needs to be seen to be believed. The nearby Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve was the first in the world to be awarded gold status in 2012 when restrictions on light pollution were formalized.

With the night sky and Astro-tourism in mind, the next stage of The Lindis includes individual glass pods as an extension of the main lodge.

Stage one includes five individual lodge suites, located within the main lodge building. The second stage is a three-suite extension. In harmony with the valley, the interior of The Lindis combines natural rock and timber materials with elegant furniture and artworks to create an appealing environment.

Daily menus provide a uniquely ‘New Zealand’ style of refined cuisine paying homage to the abundant local produce and experienced staff deliver a refined high country Kiwi experience.

Luxury travel is one of New Zealand‘s fastest-growing tourism sectors as world-weary, well-traveled visitors realize the country has a genuinely refreshing approach that is strongly linked to the landscape.  It is all about creating personal and unique premium experiences — world-class accommodations, service, and transport delivered in an intimate and engaging Kiwi manner.



Source Tourism New Zealand
Photos Courtesy of The Lindis public Facebook profile

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