Aileen Backpack by Beside-u Canada – Product Review

by GO GlobeHopper

Recently, we reviewed the Aileen backpack from the Secure Pro Anti Slash line of products by Beside-u Canada, and were truly impressed by the design, abundance of safety features, and superior quality. For school, travel, on the job, or just on the go, this is a must-have.

Compact, lightweight, and fashionable, the Aileen backpack measures 11.5” wide, 4.7” in depth, and 15” in height (29cm wide, 12cm deep, and 37.5 cm tall). One of the first standout features you’ll notice is the attention to detail that has gone into its design. It is not only functional and safe but also stylish with a modern and sophisticated look that is sure to turn heads. Available in black, Footstep Gray (slate gray), Mood Blue (Aegean blue), and Red Wine (deep fuchsia pink), the sleek look is complemented by eye-catching gold hardware that includes heavy-duty zippers, secure key clips, the brand logo, and a logo plate.

But don’t let the size and flair fool you – this backpack has PLENTY of storage room. The main compartment is quite sizeable when it’s opened up and features several organizational pockets and sleeves on the interior in addition to 4 conveniently placed zippered pockets on the front side and one hidden pocket on the back. The latter is perfect for a wallet or other valuables because it rests directly against your back and cannot be accessed by anyone behind you. Plus, there is a side pocket suitable for a water bottle, tumbler, or small umbrella.

Made from water-repellent, ripstop nylon, the backpack is also reinforced on the bottom, front, and sides with a slash-proof fabric. This high-quality feature was designed to withstand even the most determined attempts at theft.

An additional safety measure includes an RFID-guarded pocket to protect against fraudsters scanning your bag for digital theft of credit cards and other personal information. This means that you can carry your valuables with confidence, knowing they are safe and protected.

All considered, this backpack is a top-of-the-line product that is an excellent choice for anyone who values security and peace of mind. As such, the Aileen backpack is ideal for travel, and the size is perfect as carry-on luggage on a flight, with compartments that will allow you to organize and protect your essentials. We highly recommend it and can confidently say you’ll love it as much as we do. Don’t GlobeHop without one!

For a look at the entire line of Secure Pro Anti Slash products by Beside-u Canada, click HERE



Photos by Go GlobeHopper

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