Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge – with video

by GO GlobeHopper

Travelers to Sydney, Australia can take pictures of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, or undertake the thrill of climbing it for unparalleled views of the city from a height of 440 feet (134 meters).

BridgeClimb Sydney offers several options for this adventure including a half-day climb with a guide in the morning or afternoon or kicking it up a notch with a late-night climb to enjoy the city lights.  Four different tours are offered, all featuring individual price points, different time frames to complete the climb, as well as varying routes to the summit.  Trained guides ensure safety and narrate the climb with interesting facts along the way.  At the peak, guests will have 360 degrees of breathtaking views.

⦿ To watch our tour of Sydney Harbour Bridge, visit our YouTube video HERE and use the highest quality playback settings.

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