Discover Utah’s Spa & Wellness Retreats

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This up-and-coming haven for wellness-seekers and spa aficionados has both the serene setting and the sumptuous spa resorts, with luxury lodging to fully treat yourself.

Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City, offers numerous day spas and hotel spas for the urban vacationer eager to unwind.

For options that put visitors in the heart of wonderful and wide-open spaces, it’s time to discover Utah’s spa and wellness retreats.



Horseback riding at Red Cliffs Lodge

The ‘red rock oasis’ of Southern Utah is home to some of the top-rated spa resorts in the state. A spiral labyrinth and walking trails are the perfect way to start a spa getaway at one top pick, the aptly-named Red Mountain Resort. The property’s Essential Adventure Retreats mix relaxation and self-paced adventure, and the Red Rock Hiker’s Massage is a must after a day on the trails.

In Moab, Sorrel River Ranch embraces an ethos of wilderness, privacy, and serenity, with high-end accommodation to boot. After a horseback ride from the resort’s stables, clients can unwind with spa treatments, meditation sessions, and yoga.

And for the ultimate in luxury, the 600-acre Amangiri boasts the 25,000-square foot Aman Spa, upscale accommodation at the southernmost edge of Utah’s red rock country. The five-star resort’s therapies are inspired by the holistic wellbeing traditions of the Navajo. Grounding rituals offer respite from plugged-in, busy lives, while yoga on the rocks offers 360-degree views of the stunning Navajo National Monument.



Famous for its extensive ski and snowboard offerings, Park City is almost as well known for its après-ski scene, and that includes spas. Remède Spa in The St. Regis Deer Valley is the premiere day spa in Park City, with water-inspired amenities. (as shown in the lead photo)


St. George, Utah (photo credit Austen Diamond Photography)

Another favorite, Spa Montage at Deer Valley, taps Utah’s own beautiful native wildflowers for its Tata Harper Floral Facial.

Everything from Bellabaci Cupping Massages to Mountain Salvation Sports Massages is at the Waldorf Astoria Spa.

And local favorite Park City Yoga Adventures offers a diverse range of yoga options for all skill levels. The forward-thinking company integrates yoga into hikes, snowshoe excursions, and aerial silks. They even offer Instagram-worthy paddleboarding yoga in Utah’s Homestead Crater.



Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion National Parks are Utah’s famous ‘Mighty 5’, best known for their outdoor adventure opportunities and views for days.

They’re also the perfect spot for wellness-minded retreats, even for just a day. Whether it’s yoga, horseback riding, or meditation, the Mighty 5 offers the ultimate setting for slowing down, tuning in, and being present with nature.


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