Sonoma County Tourism App

by GO GlobeHopper

Travel apps have expanded exponentially over the past few years and have increasingly become essential for planning a trip or vacation, as well as helping travelers along the way.  There is a multitude of apps for booking hotels, flights and rental cars, and a mountain more that tackle everything from planning a road trip to packing, language translation, and currency calculators. Plus, there are those that are specific to a brand, such as cruise line, airport, and theme park apps, and those that are specific to a destination so that travelers can get the most out of their visit.  Such is the case with the new Sonoma County App, which creates an engaging and intuitive way for visitors to research, plan and experience this beautiful region of California.

Users who download the Sonoma County App (Android and iOS) have access to real-time, location-based options for what to see, do, eat, drink, and more, along with interactive maps, photos, and detailed descriptions. Category filters allow users to narrow down suggestions by their mood (i.e., wine tasting, dining, spa, shopping, etc.) and specific location categories (i.e., outdoors, experiences, events, and more). If users notice or hear of a business they want to visit before or during their trip, they can find it in the app, add it to their travel plan and build a custom itinerary.

If users are aware of events they don’t want to miss, simply click “Join” and the event will be added to their travel plan. That Sonoma County winery or restaurant they’ve been hearing about? Click “Add to Plan” and they won’t forget to try it. Want to invite friends? Share the plan with them directly through social media, email, or via text. The App utilizes cross-platform software, meaning users can start planning their visit on a computer or tablet and see their experiences on their mobile device.

The Sonoma County App also provides incentives for traveling responsibly. The App empowers users to work towards goals and challenges to unlock status badges and rewards.

The free Sonoma County App is available for download now on Google Play or in the Apple App Store. For more information visit the Sonoma County App page on the Sonoma County Tourism website.

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