Snorkeling Hawaii’s Forbidden Island

by GO GlobeHopper

Hawaii is replete with amazing snorkelling and sightseeing, but this excursion is truly something special.

Get ready for adventure as you board a catamaran, setting sail along Kauai’s magnificent, ruggedly beautiful Nāpali Coast, heading westward toward Ni’ihau, also known as Hawaii’s ‘Forbidden Island’ for its secretive native community that remains closed to outsiders.

Ni’ihau has been privately owned for more than 150 years by a family that purchased it in 1864 from then King Kamehameha V. Since then, its native Niihauans and their culture have endured as a protected glimpse into what Hawaiian life might look like if time stood still: no roads, no cars, no internet, and more wildlife than humans. Though very few are allowed to visit the island itself, all are welcome to snorkel its brilliant reefs and coastline.

Once there, anchor and explore the crystal-clear waters. With incredible visibility — often as far as 150 feet — it’s ideal for snorkelling. See schools of brilliant tropical fish, seals, sea turtles, and more up-close among the reefs of this mysterious island. The views both under- and above-water are simply unforgettable.

Just off Ni’ihau’s northern coast is the iconic Lehua crater, a breathtaking crescent-shaped island — part of the extinct Niʻihau volcano — and another ideal destination for snorkelling and taking in the truly awesome panoramic views.

Offering Hawaiian majesty — and mystique — at their best, this is an exceptional excursion to add to your vacation.



Source:  Vistana

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