Favorite 5 Things To Do in Jaipur

by GO GlobeHopper

Known as the Pink City for having buildings that are literally painted pink, Jaipur is a beautiful and relaxing destination in Rajasthan. Home to royalty from the past to the present, Jaipur has a great history with many historical spots to explore.

Check out our Favorite 5 Things to do in Jaipur.


Tour the Amber Fort

The Amber Fort is full of beautiful architecture with numerous hallways and rooms to wander through. It also boasts the beautiful Sheesh Mahal (Glass Palace). You’ll be sure to get some great photo ops within these walls. For foreigners, the entrance fee is ₹500, around $7 USD.

After exploring the Amber Fort, go through the tunnels and walk up to Jaigarh Fort (₹200 for foreigners, around $3 USD) which will give you a terrific view of Jaipur and the surrounding landscape.


Climb up to the Monkey Temple

It’s an adventure to simply walk up to the Monkey Temple, as you want to watch out for the monkeys. While cute, be wary of them; keep your hands out of your pockets and bags, and don’t make eye contact. Once in the Monkey Temple, you’ll be able to see great old stone architecture and enjoy an amazing view of Jaipur. You’ll also see families of monkeys lounging on the walls and grooming each other.

While the Forts and the Monkey Temple are far from the main core of Jaipur, you can take a rickshaw or ask your hotel to book you a tour that will take you to all the hotspots in Jaipur.


Eat at Masala Chowk

Masala Chowk is an outdoor food court, with plenty of options for quick Indian food. It’s a nice quiet spot to get away from the bustle of the city center and eat with friends.

There is a small entry fee of ₹10 per person, and they are currently in the process of developing a park that will add to the relaxing atmosphere. Within walking distance is the Albert Hall Museum, so be sure to check that out afterward to walk off all that delicious food!


Explore the Markets in the City Centre

The streets within Jaipur’s city center are lined with shops where you can find anything, from paint, to electronics, to jewelry, to home appliances.

Tucked away in some streets there are artisan markets as well, where you can see artisans crafting together products using traditional techniques. Take some time to explore to see block printers printing patterns on fabric using hand-carved blocks, or weavers weaving together carpets on traditional looms.


Have Chai at the Wind View Café

After wandering the markets, take a break at the Wind View Café. You have to climb a few flights of narrow staircases to reach this cozy café, but it’s located across from the Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds), giving you a great view and photo opportunity of the palace.

Enjoy a warm chai inside if there’s rain, or a refreshing lassi on the balcony if you’re there in Rajasthan’s desert heat.

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