Top 10 Things to do in Sedona, Arizona – with video

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Nestled amidst the stunning red rock formations of Arizona, Sedona is a mesmerizing destination that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, outdoor adventures, and cultural experiences. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or an art lover, Sedona has something to captivate every traveler. From hiking amidst stunning red rock formations to embarking on thrilling off-road adventures, the region offers outdoor activities, cultural attractions, and a harmonious blend of natural beauty. Here are the top 10 things to do during your visit.

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Hike the Trails

Sedona is renowned for its breathtaking red rock formations, and the best way to immerse yourself in the beauty is by embarking on a hike.

Trails like Cathedral Rock, Devil’s Bridge, and Bell Rock offer diverse levels of difficulty and stunning vistas, making them perfect for both novice hikers and experienced trekkers.


Take a Pink Jeep Tour

For an exhilarating off-road adventure, hop on a Pink Jeep Tour. These iconic pink jeeps take you deep into the heart of Sedona’s rugged landscapes, offering an up-close encounter with the majestic red rocks.

Knowledgeable guides share insights into the geology, history, and Native American lore that make this area truly unique.


Golf Amidst Nature’s Splendor

Sedona is a golfer’s paradise, with world-class courses like Sedona Golf Resort, Seven Canyons, Coyote Trails, and Oakcreek Country Club offering challenging holes amidst breathtaking scenery.

Tee off surrounded by the beauty of the red rocks and lush fairways for a unique golfing experience. And don’t be surprised if you spot some local wildlife during your game.


Visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross

This iconic architectural marvel is a must-see. The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a Roman Catholic chapel built from 1954 to 1956 in the red rock buttes of Sedona.

Perched dramatically between two red rock formations, the Chapel of the Holy Cross offers panoramic views of Sedona’s stunning landscape and serves as a place of reflection and spiritual solace. It is open 9 AM-5 PM seven days a week


Explore Scottsdale

Scottsdale, Arizona, offers a vibrant urban experience and is approximately a 2-hour drive from Sedona. In Scottsdale, you can explore the Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, which delves into the history and art of the American West.

The city also boasts a lively arts scene, upscale shopping at places like Fashion Square, and a variety of dining options.


Enjoy Slide Rock State Park

Cool off and have fun at Slide Rock State Park, famous for its natural water slides and refreshing swimming holes. Enjoy a day of sun, water, and laughter as you slide down smooth rock formations into clear, cool waters.

Located in Oak Creek Canyon, 7 miles north of Sedona, the park sits on a historic 43-acre apple farm and takes its name from a natural water slide formed by the slippery bed of Oak Creek.


Drive the Red Rock Scenic Byway

The scenic byway offers a tapestry of vibrant colors and intricate geological formations, creating a visual spectacle that changes with every twist and turn.

Prepare to be captivated by the majestic rock formations like Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Courthouse Butte. All of these and more will greet you along the route, inviting opportunities for scenic viewpoints and photo stops.


Visit Montezuma Castle National Monument

Just a short drive from Sedona, you’ll find Montezuma Castle, a remarkably well-preserved ancient cliff dwelling.

Located in Camp Verde, Arizona, these were built and used by the Sinagua people, a pre-Columbian culture closely related to the Hohokam and other indigenous peoples of the southwestern United States, between approximately AD 1100 and 1425


Experience Sedona Stargazing

Sedona’s clear desert skies are perfect for stargazing. Join guided astronomy tours and marvel at the celestial wonders while learning about the stars, planets, and galaxies above.

Sedona is perfect for stargazing at almost any time of the year. The only season of the year where it can be difficult to see clear skies is around July and August. Arizona gets hit by “monsoon season” every year during this time and with it comes big storms.


Embark on the Verde Canyon Railroad

Embark on a scenic train ride through the Verde Canyon, located near Sedona.

The train journey offers stunning views of towering rock formations, the Verde River, and the surrounding wilderness. It’s a relaxing way to soak in the natural beauty of the area. And don’t forget to visit the on-site museum before or after your trip.

Visit the railroad website for more information and tickets – HERE.



Photo Credits:

Hiking Trails – Image by Jim West from Pixabay
Pink Jeep Tours – Photo by James A. Molnar on Unsplash
Golf – Photo by Bob Osias on Unsplash
Chapel of the Holy Cross – Image by qstudio2 from Pixabay
Scottsdale – Image by DiannaHelm from Pixabay
Slide Rock State Park – Photo by Shane Smithrand on Unsplash
Red Rock Scenic Byway – Image by Marc Jasin from Pixabay
Montezuma Castle National Monument – Image by Eric Simon from Pixabay
Stargazing – Photo by Tom Gainor on Unsplash
Verde Canyon Railroad –  Image by Monica Volpin from Pixabay










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